Easy Ideas For The Modern Country Living-Room

Country inspired design is a timeless and classic choice inspired by rural living and is now one of the most popular trends for home interiors. Achieve the modern country living room style in urban homes by contrasting traditional, vintage design with modern spaces. This will enhance the cosy cottage feel outside of typical countryside locations. From colour schemes, textures and materials we have a variety of tips on how to perfect this look to freshen up your home and experiment with a new style. Continue reading to find out more.

modern country living room

Colour Schemes

Neutral palettes will bring the best out of the room you wish to transform to the modern country style. Typically, these homes would use darker shades and minimal lighting creating the rustic antique look. But now this is transformed into lighter and brighter spaces for a contemporary interior.

We recommend natural shades of white, cream, beige and grey to make the room feel more open and spacious. Similarly, compliment these with warmer tones to hold the theme of cosiness and relaxation.

Brighter shades also work well alongside the base colours to add personality. Try soft greens and rose pinks. As a result, these optimise the country feel as natural shades work well with florals and bring a fresh feel into your country style home.

Meanwhile, experiment with pastel yellow and blues for an inviting family friendly atmosphere.

textured home interior


Implement a range of textures to create a vintage homely feel. Firstly, start with wood. Use this for floors or furniture or both! For the modern effect we suggest sticking to the bright colour scheme, opt for lighter shades of wood.

In addition, other natural materials like exposed wooden beams and panelling create the barn/cottage style perfect for country homes.

Focal pieces such as tables are available in a variety of styles and create the opportunity to mix and match different chairs for character.

On the other hand, soft textures like fabric offer a contrast against the hard texture of wood. For example, rugs and blankets add visual depth and contribute to a comfortable and welcoming environment.

chesterfield armchair

Focal Points

An eye-catching statement piece is essential to draw attention. Consider getting a fireplace if you haven’t already. Upholster the mantelpiece in a rustic wood to highlight its period features. Next, place seating to gather around the fireplace for the social hub of the home.

Likewise, a bookcase will also create a sophisticated feel. It sets the tone of the room and is a key focal area adding depth to the surroundings.

Finally, the last focal points are armchairs. Preferably in the traditional Chesterfield style. Our fabric version is the perfect blend of old and new. Buttoned and with roll arms available in neutral colours of beige and grey for a contemporary effect. This is a must have to achieve the modern country look.

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grey velvet sofa


Our other ranges that fit the country/cottage aesthetic include the Rupert and Scott collections. These designs incorporate the traditional styles for sofas but with a clean, modern finish.

The Rupert is a luxury design with front wheeled legs for a vintage and versatile appeal. The perfect combination of traditional style with modern comfort. Available in colours which are ideal for the modern country home. Grey, mauve and burnt orange can all be paired with natural and light colours in the living room and are the eye-catching statement piece.

Next, the Scott sofa is another alternative. It has a minimal boxy design but its simplicity contrasts with the fine detail of the country home to create the perfect interior balance. In grey, midnight blue and dusty rose colour options these shades offer a wide variety of decorative options to suit individual personality.

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In conclusion, there are a variety of easy ways to decorate your home for the modern country look. Firstly, set the scene with neutral colour palettes and a range of soft and hard textures. Next, bring in focal pieces and essential furniture to contrast with the soft background and allow them to stand out. Follow the tips and tricks from this guide to finalise the countryside feel for your home. Finally, don’t forget to share your home inspiration on Instagram and tag us with #furnitureinstore.

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