Five things to consider when buying a new sofa

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Five things to consider when buying a new sofa

Depending on what you are looking for when buying a new sofa we have put a little few considerations you should think about before committing to your new sofa.



Before you start browsing online or going to shop in the high street you should consider what style are you really wanting in your living space?

Are you wanting something sleek, contemporary and elegant? Or something more modern, minimalist and fresh looking. It is very crucial to make sure the room where the sofa is going that it matches the decor and atmosphere, you want the room to blend together.



The next factor in choosing your sofa is what material will your sofa be, a leather material or a fabric type. The main two types of materials both have positives and negatives but that often comes down to quality of the sofas. We find many people often stick to a neutral colour scheme theses days such as a grey, mink or a black colour to allow for updating the decor and theme without always needing to change the sofas.


The Room

The room size is everything when it comes to sofas, you do not want the sofa to be massive and overwhelm the room but you still want the sofa to have a standing and a focal emphasis in your living room.  We always recommend taking measurements of your room and making sure you are happy with how your potential sofas would fit.


Seating Space

How are you going to be using the sofas? obviously that sounds silly, but many people have different seating styles and relax in different positions. How are you planning on relaxing is what you need to take into account are you going to be hosting guests, laying down, do you need some support? These are all factors in your sofa choice and will impact your overall view of your new sofas.


Comfort & Support

Comfort is the major factor for people when buying a new sofa, are you going to be comfortable and supported when you use your new sofa? What is comfortable is completely down to yourself the user, some people prefer a firmer sofa for the support or some people prefer to sink a little and feel snug, they is no right or wrong answer.


If you want any further help or have any questions feel free to drop us a comment or phone us!


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