How To Clean Your Sofas

//How To Clean Your Sofas

How To Clean Your Sofas

How to maintain and clean your sofas is something we get asked A LOT!

Depending on what has been spilled/transferred onto your sofa effects how you should clean the sofa, this is just a guide to a basic clean and you should always check labels and ask the manufacturer for guidance and advice.


Pre Cleaning

Before you start scrubbing away at your sofa or using harsh chemicals try and be gentle with a light brush or/and a hoover to remove any big particles which could cause you to rub in more harsh dirt/debris and make any mess 10x times worse.

  • Use a hoover for the small hard to reach areas
  • Remove all cushions and accessories
  • Be gentle to avoid embedding any dirt even more


Bristle Brush

If they are any baked in areas that have not shifted from vacuuming or a soft brush, try something a bit more vigorous, this should help break up any stubborn areas and then revisit with a vacuum to see if anything has shifted. Please remember to not damage any fabric.


Wipe Down

Use a product you are comfortable with to clean any exposed hard surfaces with a cloth and a little product to help give the product a little shine and a fresh wipe, this should help remove any dust and muck. Please remember to check if the product you wish to use is suitable for your sofas.


Pet Hair/Fur

If you have pets you know they love to sit on your sofas with you BUT the dreaded fur everywhere is a nightmare and does not always come away with a hoover, we recommend the simple but easy lint remover, this pickup all hair easily with its sticky surface and easy to dispose of, make sure to work in a way where you do not miss an area.


Solvent Cleaning/Steam Cleaning

This is something we get asked a lot about our sofas, steam cleaning or dry cleaning is a great way to get a deep clean on your sofas but can leave to damage if done incorrectly. If this is something you wish to do we recommend using a professional upholstery cleaner.


Leather Cleaners/Protectors

Most people believe these products to be an add on for salesmen and a gimic, sometimes this is true but the 90% of the time these products actually serve a purpose which is to protect your leather sofa and help make the job of cleaning your sofas even easier but as mentioned only use a good/recommended brand and also spot test on your leather sofas.


This should cover all the major areas of sofa cleaning and if we have missed anything please leave us a comment!




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