Is Grey still a viable colour to go with?

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Is Grey still a viable colour to go with?

The colour grey has been a solid choice for a number of years now and has stuck around longer than some had anticipated.

It started with a very minimalist movement with simple grey and white living spaces from dining areas to kitchen areas, living room or lounges have never really been a simple room in a property, it has always described your character and shown your personality.

The colour grey started to influence lounges with rugs and small decor items and then these Scandinavian designs and influences started to appear such as our Zinc Connection grey fabric sofa with its simple and elegant design.

Since that peroid, the colour Grey has dominated the furniture trade with everything from small furnishings to even large items such as window frames and large outer buildings, it really has taken off in every tonal range possible, no one could have predicted its impact and longevity.

To this day the colour Grey is featured on leather sofas on our Valencia sofa to the Verona fabric corner sofas and our fabric Nancy sofa beds, it’s versatility and practicality has made it suit every situation from a simple pastel colour to a strong bold colour such as a dark green, because of its lack of hue it blends and mixes very well.

What’s your thought’s on Grey furniture? Do you have any grey furniture in your property?

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