Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Refreshing your living room doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Keeping the most frequently used room in your home looking fresh and durable for busy day to day living is a top priority. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or revive an outdated interior we understand the importance of our busy lives and how important it is to keep within a budget. To ensure this task can be kept affordable, we have a variety of tips and tricks to bring life back into the centre of your home.

Start with what you already have. Rearranging furniture you already own can cut costs considerably. By shopping from your own home you have endless options of new. Maybe you have an unused side table in your kitchen which would look great in your living room. Or the bookshelf in your bedroom might look better downstairs. Don’t be scared to switch up your furniture. Play around with different ideas to find pieces that fit perfectly in places you never considered before. If you find an older piece of furniture that isn’t in its best condition or doesn’t fit the colour scheme of your lounge, a fresh coat of paint will completely transform the piece and truly give it life. Recycling and revamping like this will not only save you money; it is also great for the environment instead of throwing things away that risk ending up in a landfill.

The Rupert Range

Looking for outlet sofas? We have an online range of returns and ex-displays with minor flaws that we sell for a heavily reduced price. Sofas are typically the most expensive piece of furniture in your living room so if you are after a great deal we would definitely recommend checking these out. Shop here.

Invest in some staple pieces. The heart of the living room is the sofa. We have a wide range of affordable suites which can also be paid for in finance instalments to spread the cost. Ranges we would recommend are the Kent and Dubai. These large corner units fit up to a 5 seater family and prices start at £499.99. The attention in the room is drawn to the essential furniture such as the sofa. This means other furniture can be restored and kept for a while if it is not the main focus in the room then any minor damage won’t be noticeable.

Rather than buying new – restore older items with a deep clean or re-upholstery. Fabrics such as rugs, cushions and curtains gather dirt over the years and would benefit from frequent cleaning to keep any permanent stains out. Curtains naturally attract dust and odours over time so we recommend a clean every 3-6 months. The upkeep of rugs varies on different factors, if you have pets and children or just general use. Aim to clean annually but this will be dependent on your household. And the general guideline for cushions is every 6 months. Other furniture such as occasional chairs may require upholstery if the fabric has worn and stained over time. Opt for DIY or look for local traders who offer this service.

The Bishop Range

Opt for rugs instead of re-carpeting your living space. If there are any stains or marks on your carpets, experiment with rug layering. This allows options to combine different patterns, textures and colours to create an exciting atmosphere. These are easier to clean and can be changed around as you please to freshen up the room. Similarly, buying cushions and throws for your sofa could be a smarter investment than a new sofa. Think of it as decorating your sofa. With a combination of patterned and plain cushions with folded over throws there are endless variations to experiment with. And when they need revitalizing, it is as simple as putting them in the wash.

Chevron Rug Collection

For décor that looks great but is still within budget we recommend plants, personal items, books and art. All of these items can be customised to suit your own personality and preferences. Plants allow for a natural feel and create a calming atmosphere in the home. A few staple plants would be a good start. Allow room for them to grow and remember to water them! Put them on windowsills for sunlight or on the floor if they are bigger tree-style plants. Photo frames with your personal memories to reminisce in your living space.

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To conclude, there are many affordable options to decorate your living room to make it look brand new. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pieces of furniture and accessories until you find the perfect fit for your home. And remember to have a look at some of our affordable ranges or outlet sofas!

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