The New Modern Dining Room

Since the U.K. has been settling into its new version of social life and settings, the importance of having ideal family spaces has risen tremendously. Being away from our loved ones has taken a toll on everybody over the last few years so it’s exciting to see the rebirth of family rooms and spaces in the home.

Throughout the pandemic, we all have become relaxed in our routines to some sense. Having a fully functional dining room helps you recoup and pull back a structured routine back into your life. We have found that dining rooms tend to become redundant in homes that are less busy in traffic.  You can turn this space from a cluttered space into the heart of the home easily. By following this guide, we can help you along the way. You will be hosting your own dinner parties in no time.


Lighting can transform a room from being cold and clinical into a warm and cosy environment. Using lighting and Shading adds visual depth to your rooms and further detail to your décor. This is definitely one area worth considering when looking into rejuvenating your dining room.

Modern lighting options come in a vast variety and are now easily accessible to browse and buy. Since the pandemic, people have become more in touch with online commerce. There are free downloadable apps available to help you find the right style, right furniture and where to get them from directly.

The trick with lighting is to first know what atmosphere and general feel you would like in the room. If you are after a warm cosy or intimate feel, warm lighting and any candlelit glow can achieve this. If you use your dining room for working or studying (We have all been there,) a cooler light tone can bring focus and an awake feel to your home.

Some geniuses choose both!

Modern lighting often doesn’t require you to choose anymore. With flexibility in mind, most lamps and new bulb options offer a variety of settings and tones.

How to pair lighting if your furniture is not brightness or tone adjustable?

Think about the atmosphere that you would like most of the time and choose this one for your overhead lighting. If that’s your cool white option for the overhead lights, maybe consider some lamps and alternative lighting options in a warm white. Adding some candles or LED candles can further the warm atmosphere. Now, whenever you want a warm intimate setting, just turn the lamps on and the lights off. This works vice versa with a warm white overhead light setting.

Dining Tables

Dining tables are a staple piece when it comes down to structuring the dining room.

How big of a table that you would need would depend on the inhabitants of the household. For a family, a larger and bolder table would be more appropriate meanwhile a couple could benefit from an extendable smaller option. This would allow them to enjoy the set up and structure of having a table as a focus piece without obligating them to volunteering the space.

Dining tables range in price depending on the specifications. For a strong and sturdy table, materials such as oak has been highly praised in family settings. Oak furniture offers a durability and warmth that glass tables cant and provide a tradition feel to the room.

It all depends on your ideal style and look. If you prefer a sleek and modern feel over a traditional, glass might be a better candidate to you. The key is to make sure of the following:

-The table can hold and cater to all members of the household

-The dining room offers enough space for the table and to manoeuvre around it

-The material is suitable for the household members (glass and children are not the best combination on most occasions)

-Is the table cohesive with the current theme throughout the house

For a more modern look, stones like marbles bring a clinical and minimal look with style. For a country house, we would advise looking into woods that match the interior. Using wood such as oak is a great way to warm up the interior of a home.


Chairs can be matched to an accent colour or décor colour of your choice. Chairs can come in so many different styles and colours, you can match them to your personality and flair to the room.

One thing that should be kept in mind is the fact that the chairs are needed to cater to dining guests. Materials and fabrics should be picked accordingly. If you have a busy household with children that are slightly on the messier side of things then it might be best to steer away from lighter and velvety products as below. If you have older children or a household that remains tidy and clean, lighter fabrics can work as long as you keep up your care routine and have a cleaning solution to hand – just in case.

A few more things to consider when choosing your dining room chair:

-Do the chairs match the table?

-Do the chairs match the style of the house?

-Are they comfortable and durable?

-Can they be covered with the budget or are you willing to spend more for higher quality?

-Are you after a fabric or leather option?

-With or without an armrest?

Once going through the above characteristics, it should be fairly easy for you to narrow down the available options to something suitable for the room and your family. Companies now provide intricate details when it comes to dining room furniture and you can use this to match up the chairs to your décor. For example, the knocker on the back of the chairs below can be used to accentuate any metal focal pieces around the room as long as they have been paired by colour and style.


The new modern living room incorporates hints of luxury, waves of minimalism and personal touches. Stripping back to basics is an easy way to get these aspects started. In this guide, we have focused on many main components of a dining room but décor is the finishing touch that really pulls together the whole atmosphere.

By focusing on the staple pieces of a dining room, we have eliminated the need to overbear or decorate with art and pieces. Keeping the room on the minimal side of things will allow you to swap and change around the room easily. Once you are bored of the new style, you will be able to turn the room around by moving the furniture or even just changing the décor pieces that you have around.

There are a few uncommon ways that you can use to modernise your dining room such as using your ceiling. Ceiling roses were a very popular way of decorating and elevating a room in the 1900s. They offer a regal feel and timeless fashion becomes the new modern take on traditional glamour.

Picture railings and panelling have made a return to our homes in early 2020 and have taken streaming apps like TikTok by storm. People are putting back in their fireplaces, reinstalling their picture rails and fixing their ceiling roses in place. As we know fashions come in and out, and this is a perfect example of that taking place in the home décor sector.

Another method people use is adding in a mirror. Mirrors can bring in refractions and deepen lighting shades while making the room look bigger if placed in the right spot. Mirrors are a great way of adding depth to a room and providing the overall finished look that we all aspire to obtain.

Consider a bar cart! Adding in a bar cart is a fun and easy way to add some visual depth to the dining room. You can use the bar to hold plants, books or beverages of your choice. This is an easy way to show off your personality while providing a luxurious feel.

Dressing the floor can be another way of pulling together all the details that you have planted around the room. This is another opportunity to bring warmth into the household too. By using a rug or a carpet, you can deepen the shades used in the room, warm up the floor and provide a cosy feel that can be deepened with mood lighting.

Mood lighting can easily be created by candles, tea lights and lamps. If you have followed our above steps to picking out the right lamps and lighting for you, you will now be able to enjoy an ambient glow through an intimate dinner or spark focus with your overhead lights to help the kids concentrate on their homework.

In reflection of the steps and techniques that we have gone over, the best place to start with redecorating would be at the beginning. By focusing on the basics of a room, you can tie the room together while making sure that the room still provides ultimate functionality. Because of all the staple pieces being chosen and considered first, the work needed to tie the room together would be considerably minimal. Using a notebook or notes, make a list of all the main staple pieces that you need with a budget next to it. You can then start your internet sleuthing, adding the links to any items that you like next to their name and budget available. Once you have collected all the options needed, you can then whittle down the options down by price or any other personal variable you would like to take into consideration.

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