Why buy a rug?

//Why buy a rug?

Why buy a rug?

More and more people are choosing for wooden or hard flooring in their homes these days which means rugs are an increasingly essential part of décor in our homes. Not only are they useful for the comfort they can actually be useful to hide the accidentally knocks and bumps caused by pets or when we try and move furniture by ourselves when we really shouldn’t


Rugs really do offer many hidden advantages we really do not think about, from keeping your feet warm against a cold floor and that sofa and cosy feel against your feet.


Rugs are fantastic for that finishing touch to a room’s colour scheme, they really establish a colour scheme in any given situation. They can be used to tweak a colour scheme in a different direction or bring the theme together that little bit more.


We love rugs because they really help us to separate areas without having to lose that natural light by closing doors and separating everything apart by harsh means, Place rugs in the living room near your sofa and another near your front door like a runner to clearly establish where you intend to guide people around your house.


Using a rug can change so much about a rooms atmosphere, from a welcoming cosy feel to a minimalist serious tone, all depends on what you intend to do with a rooms ‘energy’. We offer a big range of rugs in different sizes so even if you are looking at a little treat or a full room rework we offer something to suit your needs.


We offer many different styles including, plain, pattern, shaggy, plush, kids and traditional in many shapes as runners, circles, sheepskin and rectangle, something for everyone so check our rug collection and if you are inspired to change your décor up.


You can find our collection here – > www.furnitureinstore.co.uk/rugs

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