Why we are one of eBay’s biggest sofa seller.

//Why we are one of eBay’s biggest sofa seller.

Why we are one of eBay’s biggest sofa seller.

As the title says, we are one of eBay’s biggest furniture sellers and the biggest sofa seller. We achieved this by a number of different means.

We focused in on what mattered to customers, Was it the price? Was it the range? Was it the delivery time? We found it was to do with selling the right sofa at a reasonable price.

We found out after some research that customers didn’t want to continuously pay the likes of £2000 to the big boys for the same sofas we are were selling for £599. We knew we had to keep designing great quality sofas at great discounted prices from cheap leather grey sofas to premium electric console corner sofas.

This is how we managed to sell 1000’s of sofas, which resulted in many happy people saving £100’s compared to the big boys.

We will always try provide a great quality product which is in trend for a fantastic price to suit everyone, we are not like the biggest of furniture sellers which will try and maximise their profit margin on there products which rely on selling quantity to ensure we keep our prices low as possible.

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